Skye loves vintage clothing, and vintage accessories. So today, she grabbed a skein of Blacberry Ridge Farm fingering yarn in a fabulous merlot color, and set out to crochet The Perky Snood.

I asked her for some feedback on her experience crocheting the snood.

Caroline: How did you pick the pattern?

Skye: I wanted something simple. Some of the snoods can look very overdone. I wanted something classic.

Caroline: DId you have to search hard? Do you have a favorite source for vintage patterns?

Skye: The search was easy. There is a very large community of vintage pattern fans. With the internet, all you do is type vintage pattern and whatever you are looking for. There is a wealth of free vintage patterns on the internet. One great source is the Free Vintage Crochet website.

Caroline: Did you have trouble with the pattern itself?

Skye: The pattern is very basic, but the way it was written and the terms that were used were not what a modern crocheter is used to. Again, the internet can be a savior here.

Caroline: Tell me about your choice of yarn.

Skye: I wanted an earthy color, so that it would not stand out too much against my hair, yet at the same time I did not want it to disappear. Blackberry Ridge is a woolen spun fingering yarn which means it is tremendously bouncy, elastic, and light, with great memory. That, in my opinion, is perfect for a snood. And it only took one skein! (We have it over 50 colors in the shop!)

Caroline: When can we expect to see you wearing it?

Skye: All the time, that is after I find the perfect ribbon for it!

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